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The art of relaxation
SPA treatments for your wellbeing

Wellness packages at our Lürzerhof Alpin Life Resort in Obertauern

Once, then time and again.

A proper wellness program should invigorate body and mind, from top to toe, with ample opportunities to unwind in between. A single treatment may already have positive benefits, though ideally the effects will be further intensified by means of accompanying programs. Plus, there is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to professional massages, soothing baths and refreshing facial treatments. We have developed a 360-degree feel-good approach in the form of wellness packages, providing ideal balance to your holiday with us. In order to make it easier to select treatments, these packages feature our most important spa- and beauty highlights. It goes without saying that our focus is always on top quality, including in our choice of products used during treatment. We invite you to browse through our full selection, and suggest reserving your package even before leaving home – to guarantee you get the appointment you want.

Natural wellness products, natural cosmetics, essential oils, teas,…

“We work with the world’s most intelligent laboratory. We work with nature.” VITALIS Dr. Joseph, a master-certified manufacturer of wellness products based in South Tyrol, has followed this maxim, coupled with their expertise as well as modern technical know-how, for over a quarter-century.

As a producer of massage oils and wellness products, and generally organic-certified natural cosmetics, VITALIS Dr. Joseph is our reliable, competent partner. VITALIS Dr. Joseph’s organic-certified natural cosmetics live up to, and exceed, the highest personal expectations.

Immerse yourself in a world of Alpine Wellness and experience this special dimension of high-quality, exclusive natural products from the Alps.


Wide selection of massages and treatments at Hotel Lürzerhof

Classic Massages

Classic Massages – relaxation for body, mind and soul

How good it is to finally be on holiday, and to have time to do something good for yourself! A massage with us is something special, since our therapists want only one thing: for you to feel better than before. With our therapists, your feel-good needs are in good hands. Through their fine touch, the harmonious interplay of kneading, tapping and stretching relieves tension in the body and in your soul, and your mind becomes clearer,…
Time-proven massages loosen the muscles, remove blockages and promote deep relaxation. Targeted handholds help to ease a variety of complaints, at the same time enhancing an overall sense of wellbeing

Full-body massage

50 min.

€ 62.-

Partial massage

25 min.

€ 34.-

Aroma-oil massage

50 min.

25 min.

€ 69.-

€ 38.-

Head-and-neck massage

25 min.

€ 34.-

Sports massage (back, shoulders, legs)

50 min.

25 min.

€ 69,-

€ 38.-

Foot-and-leg massage

40 min.

€ 54,-

Health Massages

Health Massages

Lymph drainage

50 min.

25 min.

€ 69,- (legs)

€ 38,- (face)

Foot-reflexology stimulation

25 min.

€ 39,-

Breuss Massage

25 min.

€ 39,-

Special back treatment

50 min.

€ 79,-

Special Massages

Special Massages from around the world

Alpine Stone Massage
Your body is massaged with the help of very warm stones and exquisite essences, giving your skin the most pleasant pampering imaginable. Utterly relaxing, while at the same time activating energy flow within the body.

50 min.

€ 69,-

25 min.

€ 45,-

Salzburg Herbal Stamp Massage

Fine herbs are wrapped in farmhouse linen and turned into stamps. Warm, damp and dipped in oil, these stamps are applied in stroking motions to massage the muscles and energy pathways. An absolute wellness dream!

50 min.

25 min.

€ 69,-

€ 45,-

Lomi Lomi Nui

Long, flowing massage motions, sometimes using the forearm, glide across the body – accompanied by Hawaiian music – alternating with gentle movements to loosen the joints and promote energy flow. Feel like a child in the cradling arms of its mother again. Both beautiful and touching!

80 min.

€ 104,-


Yumeiho is a Japanese massage using pressure and kneading, especially to treat pain in the neck, hips and spine. The combination of chiropractics, osteopathy, lymph drainage, soft-tissue massage, reflexology massage, as well as various extension and stretching sequences, aims to improve flexibility of the entire musculoskeletal system. The massage is enjoyed while clothed, lying on a mattress.

50 min.

€ 75,-


Baths & Relaxation

You are welcome to enjoy all of these offers as a couple – “Alpin Love”

Bathe in style with the additive of your choosing. In preparation for the bath, we recommend a skin peel, then concluding with a soothing massage.

for 2 people incl. 20-minute rest afterwards and a choice of: cocktail, Prosecco or tea

45 min.

€ 53,-

for 1 person with the bath only

25 min.

€ 33,-

Hay-flower Bath
Hay-flower regenerates, gives you energy, and reinvigorates your body.

Lavender Bath
Calming effects, cleansing and harmonizing. The classic bath for relaxation.

Herbal bath with juniper berries
Renewed vitality and vigor. Ideal for inner balance and a deep sense of wellbeing.

Alpine Rose Bath
Fragrant wellness bath, relaxes and pampers your skin.

Honey-Milk Bath
The classic for men and women.

Pine Bath
outstanding way to combat muscle aches, regenerates, antibacterial, smoothens and moisturizes.

Body Packs and Wraps

Alpine body packs on a floating waterbed

Sway gently on soothingly warm water – though your skin never actually touches the water itself. The essence you have selected will do nothing but good for your body. The warmth will open your pores, allowing the body pack which has been applied to have optimal benefits for your body. For ideal results and complete relaxation, we recommend a peel beforehand and a massage afterwards.

All body packs on the floating waterbed

25 min.

€ 36,-

The choice is yours:

Alpine Beauty – with thyme and Swiss pine 
Pack with strong cleansing effects, also optimizing moisture levels in the skin. The combination of herbs promotes deep relaxation and renewed freshness.

Alpine Serenity – with mountain pine and Scotch pine
Strengthen and detoxify your body. This delightful pack of mountain- and Swiss pine radiates the fragrance of the Alps, promoting blood circulation as well as a healthy complexion.

Alpine Energy – with arnica and St. John’s wort
With the invigorating power of pure sunflowers. Health pack to combat tired muscles and joints. Reduces stress, relieves tension, and supports muscle performance.

Alpine Wisdom – anti-aging with grapes and sea-buckthorn
The accumulated power of the fruits in this beauty pack increases the skin’s self-protective powers and conveys a pleasant, silky sensation of total wellbeing.

Full-Body Peel

  • Pure Alpine luxury with honey & crystal salt
  • Organic body peel with apricot kernels & hay extracts
  • Oil-and-sugar peel

20 min.

€ 36,-

Body Treatments

Body Treatments at Wellness Hotel Lürzerhof

Do something good for your body – Your soul will thank you for it!

Cellulite Aid

This treatment is a successful way of combating unattractive cellulite. The unique synergy of massage, singing bowls and cupping techniques – in combination with highly effective natural products – helps you to reduce those unappealing indentations.

  • activating foot bath
  • stimulating body peel
  • stimulating cupping treatment
  • cellulite massage with singing bowls

50 min.

€ 72,-

Slim & Toned

Helps to reduce stretch marks, especially post-pregnancy.

  • cupping massage technique
  • warm wrap for problem zones
  • rolling and plucking massage to drain fluid
  • concluding with a singing bowl massage

50 min.

€ 72,-

Ear-Candle Treatment

A soothing sensation of warmth, combined with a “liberating” restoration of pressure balance between ears and head, resulting from the gentle negative pressure created by the ear-candle treatment. A pleasant sense of deep relaxation sets in.

25 min.

€ 39,-

Spa Basics

Hand- and foot care

Lürzerhof manicure with massage & polish

Manicure including end-of-treatment care

60 min

45 min

€ 57,-

€ 43,-

Lürzerhof pedicure with peel & polish

Pedicure with end-of-treatment care

60 min

45 min

€ 59,-

€ 45,-

Manicure with permanent polish

Hand- or toenails with gel polish

75 min

€ 68,-

French polish

Polished finger- or toenails

20 min

€ 19,-

€ 14,-

Tanning bed

12 min

€ 9,-

For the face

Eyelash tint

€ 15,-

Eyebrow tint

€ 15,-

Eyelash and -brow tint

€ 28,-

Eyebrow shaping

€ 14,-

Removal of annoying hair with hot wax

Full leg

€ 47,-

Leg below the knee

€ 31,-

Upper lip or chin

€ 11,-

Bikini zone

€ 22,-


€ 19,-

Back or chest – men

€ 32,-

Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments for Women & Men


Classic treatments and deep cleansing matched to your skin type. For pure, soft, radiant, revitalized skin.

  • steam-warmed herbal compresses
  • gentle massage peel to stimulate lymphatic flow
  • thorough, professional deep-cleansing, with cupping technique if desired
  • cleansing facial pack
  • peel-off mask and daytime beauty care to conclude

55 min .

€ 69,-

DEEP facial treatment – the classic

Treatment with natural ingredients tailored to the needs of your skin, with immediate, relaxing effects.

  • skin diagnosis and eyebrow shaping
  • massage to stimulate lymph flow and steam-warmed herbal compresses
  • peel and deep cleansing, using cupping technique if desired
  • special serum with facial massage
  • intensive mask, followed by individualized daytime beauty care

80 min.

€ 99,-


Intensive treatment including a biodynamic lifting massage tailored to your personal skin needs. We will get the best out of your skin, promise! For a younger appearance with immediate effects.

  • skin diagnosis and eyebrow shaping
  • massage to stimulate lymph flow and steam-warmed herbal compresses
  • peel and deep cleansing, using cupping technique if desired
  • special serum and facial massage
  • bio-energetic floral stamp – lifting massage and intensive anti-aging mask
  • concluding with individualized daytime beauty care

110 min.

€ 119,-

ANTI AGING – high-tech power INTENSIVE TREATMENT for men

Intensive treatment featuring a biodynamic lifting massage tailored to your skin’s needs. We will get the best out of your skin, promised! For a younger appearance with immediate effects.

  • skin diagnostics
  • massage to stimulate lymph flow, herbal steam compresses
  • peel and deep cleansing
  • special serum
  • intensive anti-aging mask with relaxing facial massage
  • concludes with individualized care for a perfect daytime look

55 min

€ 69,-

Wellness Treatments during Pregnancy

Wellness Treatments during Pregnancy

Intended for women in their 4th month of pregnancy until delivery. Here you will find a number of suggestions from our therapists for those treatments that are especially good for the body during pregnancy. Naturally, you can choose from our extensive massage- and beauty program, and our therapists will adapt whichever treatment to your special circumstances.

Treatments for mothers-to-be

Express facial treatment

45 min.

€ 55.-

Terre & Mer – organic facial treatment

55 min.

€ 73,-

Lymph drainage of the legs

50 min.

€ 64.-

Lymph drainage of the face

25 min.

€ 38.-

Massage “Baby Moon”

A gently, careful massage with positive physical and emotional effects on mother and baby. The massage may relieve muscle tension, especially in the area of the lumbar spine, improve sense of wellbeing and reduce a variety of complaints (if preferred, in a sitting or side position).

25 min.

€ 34.-

Hand Care

Manicure with polish

€ 43.-

Manicure without polish

€ 37.-

Foot Care

Pedicure with polish

€ 49.-

Pedicure without polish

€ 43.-

Tummy of Dreams – Lürzerhof package for pregnant women

  • Express treatment
  • Pedicure with short, relaxing foot massage –
    soothes tired, heavy legs
  • Lymph drainage of the legs
  • A plate of fresh fruit and an alcohol-free cocktail

€ 149,-


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