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Honest Salzburger Tradition
Experience it for yourself...

Tradition and history at our mountain hotel and resort in Obertauern, Austria

Always pioneers. Always with a touch of class.

Every good story has at least one fearless hero. In our case, even before the 14th century that figure was already dreaming of adventures with the promise of success. In those days, the Alps were still tough to navigate and definitely not the kind of place for the squeamish. Long before that, the Romans only managed to create a north-south trade route through here due to arduous hard work and doggedness.


Much later, journeys into the Tauern mountains were reserved for tough types who were willing to invest sweat and courage in exploring the region. These pioneers needed shelter where they could have a roof over their heads and get a bite to eat during their expeditions. Our hero, a genuine Habersatter, took in those daring-doers and, in the form of the Lürzerhof, created a refuge for explorers and free spirits. And no: This isn’t just some fairytale, it was actually written down in records of that time.


Over the centuries, the Lürzerhof remained within the family and developed from an inn into our exclusive Alpin Life Resort, where we now welcome you with an array of luxurious amenities and scintillating mountain highlights.


We would be delighted to unscroll this compelling story for you in detail. Ideally, we would suggest talking personally with the direct descendant of our hero, Harald Habersatter: With a fire in his eyes, he will be delighted to share the most exciting excerpts with you.

How it all began…

The Lürzerhof has been owned by our family for over 400 years. In the early 1950’s, the Lürzerhof in Untertauern was turned into an inn catering to travelers on the Tauern Road. Our hotel has been continuously modernized to keep pace with the latest standards in hospitality.

  • 1998 – the Habersatter family constructed an indoor pool at the hotel. In 2000, a new kitchen was built with additional storage rooms.


  • 2001 saw a big remodeling project: the hotel was torn down to the ground floor, then rebuilt with new, spacious rooms featuring complete comforts.


  • Since 2001, the Lürzerhof in Untertauern has been a 4-star hotel.


  • At the Lürzerhof, we have constantly invested in quality for our guests. As was the case in 2008: The Lürzerhof was expanded with the addition of a 1500 m² wellness & spa area, along with an underground garage, fitness room and 2 spacious seminar rooms.


  • 2008 – the Habersatter family built a new biomass heating system – all of the heat at the hotel is generated by our own wood.


  • 2009 – the Lürzerhof became certified as an Alpine Wellness Hotel.
  • 2010 – our wellness hotel was personally awarded the Austrian Eco Seal by the Minister of the Environment. The award is only given to businesses that implement sustainable practices with particularly low environmental impact.


  • 2011 – the entrance and reception area of Hotel Lürzerhof was completely remodeled: now spacious, comfortable and inviting. Also new was the “Tauernstuben” – an additional restaurant at the Lürzerhof, while the buffet area was also enlarged. The new hotel bar and a smoking lounge are likewise great enhancements to our 4-star hotel.


  • 2012 – the new employee housing was completed. Beginning in December, our employees were able to take full advantage of their new, comfortable accommodations.


  • 2013 – the new Gaisstein Suites were completed. In addition, a 1st-floor walkway to the wellness area was created.

And the story continues…

Many of the loyal regular guests who have accompanied us on our journey for many years know: It doesn’t take long before you discover new improvements at the Lürzerhof again.


Alpin Life Resort

Dorfstraße 23
5561 Untertauern
SalzburgerLand, Austria

+43 6455 251


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