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Aqua Vitae
our in-house distillery

Distillery at 4-star-superior Lürzerhof, Obertauern, Salzburg, Austria

The spirit of the Alps.

Naturally, our home-cured products also take their rightful place in the Lürzerhof kitchen. Home-cured bacon at the Lürzerhof in Obertauern – Untertauern. Distillery at the Lürzerhof in Obertauern, the finest spirits from Obertauern.

Distillery at the Lürzerhof

True to a long-standing tradition of the Lürzerhof, our in-house schnapps distillery produces spirits of exceptional quality. In doing so, we only use the very best fruits, fermented cleanly and then mildly distilled. Through boundless effort, diligence and expertise, the result is products that are unique and honest.

  • hazelnut
  • raspberry, blueberry, black elderberry, black currant
  • sloe, Williams pear, dried pear
  • apple in a wooden cask
  • rowanberry
  • wild cherry

In addition to our distilled spirits, we also offer delicious liqueurs. Select from a Tauern-herb liqueur, the vineyard-peach liqueur or our black-currant liqueur.

Homemade Products

We only use the best fruits to make our homemade jams. Whether as a souvenir or a gift for friends back home, our homemade products including jams, chutneys and pralines, are incomparably delicious. Also be sure to sample our selection of full-flavored, home-cured bacons. You will be able to find all of our mouthwatering products in our “Farm Shop”.

  • full-flavored home-cured bacons
  • sausage including our very own venison sausage
  • delicious jams
  • various chutneys
  • sweet pralines filled with raspberry- or hazelnut schnapps

Lürzerhof Bacon – the creation of fine flavor

“Honesty is the best policy” – an old proverb that is as true now as ever. And that’s epitomized in our bacon: fine and nutty in taste, the muscle layer infinitely tender, the fat white, earthy and so flavorful, no one would ever come up with the idea of cutting it off.

How do you end up with bacon like this?

Quite simply, the pigs that we keep at the Weyerhof are allowed to grow slowly. In summer, they are let out on the pasture, and in winter they are given milk and good hay.

The meat is cured and spiced according to an old family recipe. Then smoked for 4 whole weeks. Twice a day, in the morning and evening, the cold (!) smoke produced by beech and juniper wood climbs slowly up through the smokehouse, allowing the bacon to mature into the incomparable delicacy it is.


Alpin Life Resort

Dorfstraße 23
5561 Untertauern
SalzburgerLand, Austria

+43 6455 251


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