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Eight summits close to Untertauern


Four-Summit Tour near Obertauern

This hike is a relatively easy summit tour close to Obertauern. It is 10 km-long, spans 1,020 vertical meters and takes about 5 hours to walk.


Departing from here at the Lürzerhof, the hiking bus will bring you to the town center of Obertauern. From Obertauern, you will follow a narrow road, past avalanche prevention barriers, to the steep northern slopes of the Gamsleitenspitze. The end of the road is located close to the mountain station of a ski lift and the Gamsmilch Bar at 2200 m. Now head south, past a small reservoir, in the direction of the Zehnerkarspitze. Surefootedness is an absolute must. The tour continues past the foot of the Gamsspitzl. Now via a rather precipitous gully through crumbling rock, an easy scramble (Level 1) will bring you to the top of the Zehnerkarspitze (2382 m), where you are greeted by magnificent panoramas. The descent takes you back through the gully. Below the Gamsspitzl, with its clearly visible summit cross, you will find an easy, though unmarked climb up through its rocky mountainside. From the Gamsspitzl (2340 m), you can already recognize the pyramid-shaped summit of the Gamsleitenspitze (2359 m). You will ascend the grass-covered summit via the narrow western ridgeline. From the Gamsleitenspitze, follow the markings close to the ski lift along the eastern ridge, until, at an elevation of about 2030 m, you come to a gravel path. From here, you will cross beneath the northern side of the Herbertspitze (2137 m) onto the eastern ridge, which will then provide you with an easy climb to the summit cross. The descent takes you back along the gravel path, all the way to Obertauern.


Four-Summit Tour around the Gnadenalm

This hike is actually one of the most beautiful hikes in the Radstädter Tauern. It demands surefootedness and takes around 8 hours up and back.


From the Vordergnadenalm along a gravel path leading along the flat valley floor to the Hintergnadenalm and then on to the Südwiener Hütte (1.5 h). Hiking in a southerly direction, you will follow a marked trail towards the Grosser Pleisslingkeil. The path is at first rather steep (close to the grassy, domed hilltop of the Hengst), though then flatter as you approach the Kleiner Pleisslingkeil. Now across the scree-covered northern flank, you will continue through the alpine gap, bringing you to the steep scree slopes of the Grosser Pleisslingkeil. The trail leads to the northern ridgeline, and over this to the lower summit. The main summit of the Grosser Pleisslingkeil is reached in just a few minutes via a scree-topped ridgeline (unmarked, but the tracks are clearly visible). From the lower summit, a marked trail takes you steeply downhill, also across scree, and finally crosses the gap below the Hintere Grosswandspitze, which you reach via a good trail (unmarked). From the summit, you will drop down to the southern flank of the Hintere Grosswandspitze, taking you across a wide band of scree to the broader, grassy saddle of the Glöcknerin, which you will reach from the saddle in just a few minutes. From the summit cross, you will hike back down to the gap, and along the marked trail dropping down to the picturesque Wildsee. Continue until just before the Felseralm, visible from quite a distance, and make a left onto the Hirschwandsteig, leading almost flat back to the Südwiener Hütte. From there, take the same route you originally came up on, back to your starting point.



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