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The Südwiener Hütte – traditional mountain hut in the Tauern range

Hospitable and authentic

The Südwienerhütte got its name from a chapter of the Austrian Alpine Society based in Southern Vienna. In 1927, the group built the hut at 1,802 meters above sea level. It stands in the Radstädter Tauern mountains, on an alpine saddle at the Oberpleisling Alm, with the host Scharler family offering visitors homemade foods and friendly service. Overnight guests are greeted by 25 beds as well as a dorm room that sleeps 24 people. The hut is especially child-friendly, comfy and rustic. The breathtaking mountain scenery invites visitors to set out on other hikes in the nearby countryside. If the hut suffices as your destination, you can reward yourself be kicking back and relaxing out on the big sunny terrace.


Up and away, via the Südwienerhütte

The Südwienerhütte is easy to reach from the Lürzerhof via the Gnadenalm. You can make your way up to the Gnadenalm either on foot, in about 1.5 hours, or faster still by taking your car or the hiking bus. From the Lower Gnadenalm, you will follow a forestry lane leading to the Upper Gnadenalm. Once there, you will begin a climb up a winding road bringing you to the Südwienerhütte. Total walking time: ca. 1.5 hours from the Gnadenalm or 3 hours from the Lürzerhof.
Once at the Südwiener Hütte, you can set out to discover many alpine peaks in the area. The Spirzinger (2,066 m), the Spazeck (2,065 m), the Kleiner Pleisslingkeil (2,418 m), the Grosser Pleisslingkeil (2,501 m), the Hintere Grosswand (2,436 m), the Glöcknerin (2,432 m) and the Steinfeldspitze (2,344 m) all promise beautiful hikes amid the high peaks. The Tauernhöhenweg also runs past here.

Tour of the Spirzinger, Spazeck and Steinfeldspitze

The Steinfeldspitze is enthroned at 2,344 m high above Lake Zauchensee. The steep trail demands stamina, surefootedness and a head for heights. From the Südwiener Hütte, you will hike along a trail that gets steadily steeper, eventually bringing you to the grassy domed summit of the Spirzinger with its beautiful summit cross (ca. 40 min). From the Spirzinger, a ridgeline brings you in just a few minutes to the second summit – the Spazeck.
Now via the steep norther ridge of the Spazeck, you will drop down to the Hafeichtscharte. This gap leads you between the Bärenstaffl and the Steinfeldspitze. As you make this ascent, pay close attention to the markings, since you will come to a clearly visible trail again in the upper reaches. Now steeply uphill through a short alpine chimney. You will come out of the gap to the left, following the exposed eastern ridgeline (watch your footing!) to a small gap (secured by a steel cable), then cross the northern flank (also secured by cables), before the now somewhat easier eastern ridge continues. Via a grassy rise you will finally reach the summit cross of the Steinfeldspitze. You can return via the same route, or continue your hike over the Grosser Bärenstaffl.




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