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Excursion Tips close to the Lürzerhof

Salzburg City

Salzburg City is only about an hour’s drive from the Lürzerhof. Here, you can experience some of the most beautiful examples of the city’s history first-hand. The city on the Salzach offers many historic churches, squares and gardens, along with Hohensalzburg Fortress, the Cathedral, the Old City, Hellbrunn Pleasure Palace and more, plus it also boasts countless green spaces. A true pearl of the Alps! Its beautiful historical landmarks provide a perfect setting for the life and culture of the city. Culture has always played a special role in Salzburg: The Salzburg Festival, the Easter Festival, the Landestheater, Mozarteum, Marionette Theatre, but also modern culture such as the Arena, at the Rockhouse, the ARGE or Jazzit guarantee high quality in all genres. The many museums offer art, history, research, as well as entertainment for children. If you are interested in discovering beer culture, you will have a broad spectrum of choices. Since 1492, the local Stieglbrauerei has brewed top-quality beer in Salzburg, and for a number of years has also featured a big, fascinating beer museum. The old monastic brewery on the Müllner Hügel, the Augustiner Bräustübel, serves traditional brews that are a delight to drink. Beneath the old chestnut trees in the beer garden, the beer tastes especially good. Many other beer gardens and small breweries in the city invite you to make yourself comfortable and enjoy. Salzburg offers ample attractions to fill many days and is always well worth the trip!


Take an hour’s drive from the Lürzerhof in your car, but travel back 7,000 years in history! This is how far the roots of Hallstatt go back. Even the Ancient Celts were already extracting highly coveted salt from the mountain. For countless years, salt was also the focal point of village life here, and the reason for the wealth which the region enjoyed. Salt is still mined here today, and you can visit the caves and tunnels of the world’s oldest salt mine. Hallstatt is a World Heritage Site, nestled so idyllically and magically between the steep mountainside of the Salzberg and the shores of the Hallstätter See, that a life-size replica of the town has been built in China! The traditional houses and the picturesque, enchanting location are what make this place so appealing. Hallstatt is a dream come true with a very long history.

Giant Ice Caves

Located only a 45-minute drive from the Lürzerhof is the world’s biggest ice cave – just outside Werfen! It extends for over 42 km deep into the mountain, with the first few kilometers featuring fascinating ice formations. This is also the section of the cave which is accessible to visitors. The public tours begin at the gigantic cave entrance, measuring 20 meters by 18 meters. Awaiting visitors are ice palaces, wonderful ice formations and magical impressions. Here, even when it’s hot outside, the temperatures are always icy. Be sure to bring along warm clothing!

Castle Hohenwerfen

Also in Werfen is Castle Hohenwerfen. This 900-year-old castle has many highlights to offer: nighttime castle tours, weapons collections, medieval banquets and, above all, the legendary bird-of-prey shows. During these shows in the castle courtyard, skilled falconers demonstrate to guests what the eagles, owls and falcons are able to do. You will also learn fascinating facts about these amazing animals. You probably won’t get as near to these predators of the skies again!


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