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Rustic Hut – Passionate Artistry in Wood

The Sauschneidalm

The Sauschneidalm is located in Untertauern at 1,750 m above sea level. This 400-year-old mountain hut is in good condition and captivates visitors with its authentic charm. Before you even get to the hut, the cowbells let you know that you will find cows and calves grazing outside the front door. The hut, surrounded by 270 hectares of alpine pasture, is a popular hiking destination in summer. Here, fans of hiking and nature find everything they have been looking for – easy paths for pleasant hikes and challenging tours only for experienced hikers. Add to all of this, magical nature in which to unwind completely and collect your thoughts. Families and those in search of a bit of peace & quiet are certain to love the high moors at the Sauschneidalm.

Sauschneid Sepp

Josef Habersatter operates the Sauschneidalm, as he does the farm at the Sauschneidhof. But that’s not all. He has a special place in his heart for wood. And not just for any wood. For Swiss pine. Known locally as “Sauschneid Sepp”, he has made a name for himself as a highly talented artist in wood. At 1200 m above sea level, in the small Radstadt community known as Löbenau, at his sawmill there he creates unique artworks out of wood. Each piece is unique, both in terms of its form, grain, construction and appearance. He has been passionately creating special pieces for over 20 years – tea lights, wooden candles, “fragrance trees” and sculptures. How does he manage to combine his passion with looking after the hut and farm? The most important change he made was switching to mother-cow farming. That gives him the time he needs to pursue his passion. Above his workshop, you can read what drives his work: “The secret of happiness is finding joy in your work!“

Swiss Pine

For thousands of years, wood has had a fascination for people. It is associated with wellbeing and good health, though why? First of all, pine has positive effects on our sleep. If you sleep in a bed made of pine, the quality of your sleep will be improved. This has actually been scientifically proven. And a deeper rest also reduces your heartbeat. As a consequence, your body will save around 3500 beats a day on average. This corresponds to the work your heart normally does in an hour. This is mainly explained by the presence of alpha-pinene; a substance that is contained in high concentrations in essential pine oil. Apropos pine oil: The unmistakable fragrance of pine produces a pleasant atmosphere within any space. But it doesn’t just smell good. The pine wood also has positive effects on the room itself. In a damp environment, it has high antibacterial effects. This in turn reduces the formation of mildew. Furniture made of pine also allows you to store textiles without having to worry about moths. All of these benefits were known to people thousands of years ago. Today, we once again take full advantage of those same benefits.



Alpin Life Resort

Dorfstraße 23
5561 Untertauern
SalzburgerLand, Austria

+43 6455 251


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