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Pure nature close to the Lürzerhof

Hundsfeld Moor

Hundsfeld Moor is located in Obertauern at about 1800 m above sea level, flanked by peaks as high as 2400 meters. Here, in the middle of a 100 ha moor, is a natural treasure with an international reputation. This ecological sanctuary is a habitat for many rare animals and plants – making Hundsfeld Moor especially valuable. Around 45 endangered or protected plants, 180 species of butterfly and some 40 species of breeding birds make their home here. Between bushes of mountain pine, moorlands, spring-fed marshes and ponds, you will encounter moor- and wetland plants as well as grass frogs, Alpine newts and salamanders. However, the zoological sensation of Hundsfeld Moor is the red-spotted bluethroat, which has its only Alpine nesting area right here.


Refuge for the Bluethroat

Bluethroats are very rare. The red-spotted bluethroat (Luscinia svecica svecica) generally only nests in Northern Scandinavia. It was only in 1975 that ornithologist Johanna Gressel discovered this bird in the middle of the Alps. This songbird is related to the nightingale and a striking sight, with its bluish-colored throat and a reddish, blue-edged fleck in the shape of a star. This coloration is only evident on the males, however. Their call is easy to recognize: they draw attention with a “track-track” call or a whistling sound. Bluethroats are migratory birds and overwinter in regions of the Mediterranean and North Africa. During breeding season, their nesting zones on the moor are closed-off, since the birds react very sensitively to any disturbances and only nest once a year.


Bird Paradise

The area of Hundsfeld Moor is also home to a wide range of other bird species. These include the golden eagle, peregrine falcon, alpine ptarmigan, grey- and long-legged buzzards , chough, black- and three-toed woodpeckers as well as the red-backed shrike. In addition, as many as four pairs of rock thrush nest here. In addition, the moor and the small tarns in the area (Hundsfeldsee, Grünwaldsee), due to their location on the Radstädter Tauern Pass, play an important role as resting places for migratory birds on their way over the Central Alps.


Hundsfeld Moor Nature Sanctuary is about ten kilometers from the Lürzerhof, easy to reach either by car, bus, bike or on foot. A path leads through the moor to the Seekarhaus and the Diktnalm, a wonderful way to explore Hundsfeld Moor. And with a little bit of luck, you might also discover one of the rare red-spotted bluethroats.



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