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Lake Hikes from the Lürzerhof


The Lürzerhof lies in an area dotted by numerous lakes and tarns. In summer and autumn especially, lake hikes are very popular. Here, you will find peace and refreshment amid imposing mountains. Below you will find a small selection of tours leading to nearby lakes. We wish you a beautiful hike to these wonderfully clear bodies of water.

Krummschnabelsee and Grünwaldsee

You will be able to take a hiking bus from right outside the Lürzerhof to Obertauern. Once there, you will leave from the Obertauern Tourist Office and make your way via the sports center towards the Seekarhaus. From the Seekarhaus, you will continue uphill until you reach a fork in the path (Oberhütte-Akkarscharte 702), then make a left along the gravel road, which takes you past the Dikt´n Alm. Awaiting you there is a somewhat steeper climb through a number of hairpin bends until, after the last of these, you will see the Krummschnabelsee to your left. The Krummschnabelsee is a moorland lake with a water temperature of as much as 24°C. Here you can take a break, enjoy the scenery and take a refreshing dip. Now continue down the path to the Grünwaldsee. It lies at about 1938 m, located around 250 vertical meters above the town of Obertauern. The gravel road now takes you past the Hochalm to the Sonnhof, and then back in the direction of Obertauern. The hike from Obertauern is about 6.5 km in length and can be walked in around two-and-a-half hours.


The Wildsee can be reached via a number of different paths. Here we describe the variant from the Felseralm (1,660 m), which you can get to directly from the Lürzerhof using the hiking bus. Hiking through larch forests, occasionally quite steeply, you will come to the Wildsee (1,925 m). This idyllic lake lies tranquil and timeless in a hollow. There, you will follow a hiking path up to the top of the Hengst at 2,074 m. Once there, you are treated to beautiful views of the Radstädter Tauern and the Gnadenalm. The descent takes you to the Südwienerhütte (1,802 m) and then the Gnadenalm, where you will be able to review your tour over a plate of delicious food and a drink or two.


Departing the Lürzerhof, you will walk about four kilometers via the Hohlwanderweg and the Mayerlalm to the Gnadenalm. The Gnadenalm is ideal for a first rest break, giving you the opportunity to enjoy some tasty regional foods. After the Gnadenalm, you will continue to the right of the Schoberhütte along a forestry lane in the direction of the Tauernkarleiten Alm. Now on a beautiful hiking trail, you will continue to the Stubhöhe. Now walk towards the Rauchkopfhütte and then in the direction of the Hakopf (1996 m), the next high-point of this hike. Lying below the Hakopf is the Hakarsee, an idyllic small mountain tarn. The descent to the tarn will take you across a meadow, since there is no marked path in this area. Now make your way back along a well-maintained forestry road to the Hakarhütte, which will then bring you back to the Gnadenalm, or simply follow your original route from the hike up. You should schedule a full day for this hike and set out early.



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